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For Or Against is a weekly podcast featuring Patrick Lothian, Robby Silver, Michael Winand, Mike Macfadden, and a revolving cast of friends of the show. In each episode, the panelists pose a topic, discuss that topic, generally argue about that topic, and ultimately decide if they are for or against that topic. It’s a ton of fun. Subscribe today.

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S03E26: The Elon Musk Episode (our worst episode yet…)

So here’s the deal: we tried to record this in two parts: first by discussing each of Elon Musk’s companies, and then by discussing the man himself. The first part went… fine, but for some reason, during the second half, we mostly just agreed with each other but also frequently spoke over one another with uncharacteristic levels of venom and animosity.

Our friendship will endure. The second half of the episode, however, will not. We cut things short in post pretty much right after the sponsor break. If you skip this episode entirely, we won’t blame you.

And now, for the show!


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About For Or Against

Each week on For Or Against, four childhood friends gather to debate, analyze, argue, and discuss the important issues of today. Issues like: adults who drink milk, weird products on amazon and kickstarter, and skateboarding in your 30s. The show is a lot like hanging out with your best buds in high school, only now you all have careers, mortgages, children, and car payments.

Search “For Or Against” wherever you do your podcast listening to join in the fun. We’ll be waiting for you.